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The wealth of experience makes Opal industries, the most favored name among the Compressed Air Dryers community. We are well reckoned Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of a comprehensive range of Compressed Air Dryers. We make available Refrigerated Type Compressed Air Dryer and Heatless Air Dryer to our clients.

Maximum product efficiency of Compressed Air operated equipments, lowest possible maintenance cost, cut down replacement cost, reduced equipment corrosion and breakdown, etc., are some of the highlights of our Compressed Air Dryer. Clients are eased with the availability of Compressed Air Dryer at reasonable prices.


Why Pearl?

Pearl is an excellent solution to bring down the moisture content of air and economize operation in production and maintenance. Since they're designed to be high-quality industrial machines, you'll be providing reliable protection against condensate damage for your systems and processes.


“The Smart & Sleek way to drive moisture away!”



Our expertise lies in offering Refrigerated Type Compressed Air Dryer to our clients, made using quality material and the latest technology, our Refrigerated Type Compressed Air Dryer is unparalleled in performance and durability.

  • Capacity from : 10 – 10,000 cfm
  • Working pressure : 0.5 – 80 bar
  • Air inlet temperature : 45 – 60oC


Wet Compressed Air entering the Refrigerated Type Compressed Air Dryer is pre cooled by the cold dry outgoing Air in the Pre-cooler re-heater (Air to Air Heat Exchanger). It then passes to the Evaporator (Air to Refrigerant Heat Exchanger) where it is cooled to final refrigeration systems. The condensed moisture is separated and drained out automatically from the Centrifugal cum Demister pad type Moisture Separator of the Dryer, while the Cold Dry Air undergoes its second path through the Precooler- Reheater (Air to Air Heat Exchanger) to be reheated before leaving the Dryer.




A Heatless Air Dryer consists of two towers, which, alternately cycle on drying and regeneration. The Pearl make heatless dryer is capable of providing a -400C or lower atmospheric dew point and features a non-lubricated 3-way pneumatic switching valve. The operation is fully automatic and continuous without attention.

  • Capacity from : 10 – 3000 cfm
  • Working pressure : 3.0 - 15 bar
  • Air inlet temperature : 45 - 55oC


Each of the two towers are filled with a bed of adsorbent desiccant. When one tower is on drying cycle, the desiccant adsorbs moisture from the incoming wet air stream and the other tower is on a regenerating cycle, which, a small portion of the super dried air passing through the desiccant to pick up and remove the adsorbed moisture, which is then vented to atmosphere. The towers are alternated in such a manner so that Dry desiccant is always in contact with wet compressed air, resulting in a continuous supply of Dry Air downstream.

The process is automatically reversed from one tower to another by a microprocessor based sequenced timer. Dryer must be protected against water and oil suspended in the form of drops or finely dispersed mist. If the risk for such condition exists, a high efficiency pre-filter must be installed before the dryer. In regular course a ceramic candle Pre-filter is installed prior to the dryer to take care of incoming dust, dirt and foreign particles. By default a ceramic candle After-filter is installed after the dryer to take care of desiccant dust carry forward in the dry air.